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About Us

Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue is an all volunteer emergency response team dedicated to saving lives through search and rescue operations by providing professionally trained members for water rescue and recovery incidents. Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue also promotes water safety awareness education.

Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue (NUSAR) is a non-profit 501-(c) 3 organization. We are a public safety dive team working under the direction of Emergency Management in the town of Newtown. We operate on donations, and fundraiser's.

If you wish to donate to NUSAR, please click on the donate box on our home page. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support.

We utilize well trained, highly motivated, and dedicated volunteers using modern methods and techniques. Our vision is to continually strive to become a safer, more efficient, and progressive dive team. Our goal is to always provide a professional attitude, as well as, safe and efficient services to Newtown and surrounding towns.

NUSAR performs underwater search and rescue, as well as recovery operations and Public Education. Our searches and recoveries have included body recoveries ranging from accidental drowning victims to murder victims; and property ranging from stolen tools to vehicles to murder weapons.

Most of our recovery operations are performed in almost completely black water. This means there is so much silt and dirt in the water, that light cannot penetrate the water. The divers are forced to search with their hands feeling for their target. Limited visibility diving makes it hard to read air gauges, compasses, and depth gauges. It is very easy become entangled in old fishing lines and other debris.


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