Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue

Proudly serving Newtown, CT and
surrounding towns since 1989.

Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue is an all volunteer emergency response team dedicated to saving lives through search and rescue operations by providing professionally trained members for water rescue and recovery incidents. Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue also promotes water safety awareness education.

Annual Spring Fundraiser starts on March 1, 2013

For over 20 years we, the men and women of NUSAR, have been providing emergency water rescue services and water safety instruction to Newtown and our neighboring communities. With so many lakes, ponds, rivers and streams in our area, NUSAR is a vital link in our region’s chain of first responders.

NUSAR team members are area residents whose talents and dedication are bolstered by year-round training and professional development. We are all volunteers, but we strive to reach the same levels of professionalism and performance as any water rescue team in the state. We’re on call around the clock, year-round, ready to respond to any water-based emergency.

Visit our website – Nusar.Org – or find us on Facebook to learn more about our members and the quality services we provide.

Each year, we ask you to help us with the cost of training and equipping our dive team. We hope to place a new boat into service in 2013. This new model, wider than our current boat, will give us a safer, more stable work platform. Please consider helping us take another step forward in our ability to serve you.

All donations are 100-percent tax-deductible and go directly to NUSAR. You can use the return envelope recieved in the mail or, if you prefer, use the PayPal button on our website. Either way, you’ll be helping us continue our service to residents of Newtown and western Connecticut who use and enjoy all the water based recreation opportunities our area has to offer.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours in safety,

Nicholas J. Kopcik President

Michael D. McCarthy Chief


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Underwater Search & Rescue Needs your support!!

Help us outfit our new 993 here  are some ways that you can help us serve you better.

Please help us where you can.

All donations are tax deductible.

  1. Hummingbird 1198c SI $3000.00
  2. Ring Buoy mount $95.00
  3. Danforth anchor 13# $60.00
  4. Line Chock (for engine hoop) $20.00
  5. Dor-Mor Pyrmid anchor $135.00
  6. Roll control tank brackets $31.95
  7. Werner Aluminum work platforms $50.00
  8. Motorola CDM 1250 radio 450 freq $700.00
  9. Fire Extingusher 5 lbs ABC $50.00
  10. Prop guard MPT manufacturing $745.00

Thank you for your support we are almost to our goal.

 Donate to NUSAR through PayPal

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