Life Jacket Loaner Program


 NUSAR’s Life Jacket Loaner Program is for your children. There are currently more than 500 waterfront businesses and marinas that have partnered with the BoatUS Foundation to provide free loaner life jackets to children.

One of the program’s goals is to educate boaters on the significance of wearing the appropriate size and type of life jacket while boating. Another is to make sure a day of boating isn’t spoiled just because a family forgot a life jacket at home. And finally, the most important goal: simply to keep kids safe out on the water!

If a boating family discovers that they do not have enough properly fitting jackets for all the children on -board, they can simply call NUSAR (203-270-4390) and check out a jacket for the day or weekend. The success of this teamwork is keeping kids safe while enjoying a day on the water!

Special PFD Requirements: Connecticut

 During the period from October 1st through May 31st, all persons on board a manually propelled vessel shall wear a Type I, II, III or V, U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device and no operator, or owner or user of a manually propelled vessel shall allow any person to be aboard who is not wearing such a device.

Please note that these laws provide boaters with the minimum age that a child is required to wear a life jacket. It is still a parent’s responsibility to decide if a child should wear a life jacket, even in situations where the law does not require it.

Did you know!

 PFD Wear Requirements for Children by the State of Connecticut.

What age must wear PFD: 12 and under.
When PFD Must be Worn:Whenever on board a recreational boat that is underway.
Approved PFD Styles: USCG Approved, must fit properly and be in good condition.
Exceptions when PFD does not need to be worn: When below deck or in an enclosed cabin.