Our Vehicles


991’s mission is to support for our main vehicle 991.

It can hold up to 5 team members to the location. It holds team gear sets to help rotate members on longer calls with minimum down time.

991 carries a supply of lift bags that can lift 500 lbs. Each! Lift bags are used in situations where cars or other heavy objects need to be brought to the surface and removed out of the water with ease.

If needed, it tows our primary Search and Rescue boat 993 to be able to rapidly deploy our team on the water.


 992 is our primary vehicle. It was commissioned in 1990.

Being our primary vehicle it holds team gear to get divers in the water as quickly as possible. It also houses extra scuba tanks so we can continually stay on location longer without downtime off site.

It holds portable generators so if a call comes in overnight we can set up a base of operation and clearly and safely perform our duties.

Our rescue crafts


Our newest vehicle 993 is our main Search and Rescue boat.

Commissioned in 2014 this is a versatile and fast responding rescue craft.

Drafting only 16” it can maneuver in shallow waters and get to where the team needs to go.

With a 90hp Mercury outboard engine the boat can reach a top speed of 25 knots fully loaded with crew and team gear.

993 is equipped with a front bow gate that can lower so when the boat is beached loading and unloading of crew or equipment is streamlined. Also it has a side drop stair that allows divers to easily climb out of the water.

Attached are port and starboard side scan sonar transponders that allow the operator and crew to identify and find objects underwater.

A high powered spot light on the overhead allows the crew to search at night for objects or mission persons.


994 is our backup and support water craft. 

Commissioned in 1990 this inflatable provides additional support for 993.

Able to hold 4 crew it can assist in Search and Rescue operations by patrolling the shore as well as deploying a portable side scan sonar unit to be able to view what is under the water.

When an offshore dive operation becomes prolonged, 994 acts as a ferry to bring crew to and from 993.